Popular Casino Games And Their Know How

Gambling is a different kind of sport altogether.Whether you are playing virtually or in a land- casino, the kind of jargon that is used while gambling is completely different. Firstly, one needs to know about the different kinds of games that are most frequently played at casinos. Secondly, to be able to enjoy the games or play at professional levels it is mandatory to learn the ‘casino lingo’. This lingo or terminology is also necessary to understand the various technicalities that are involved in the game. Here are some of the popularly played casino's games with a little description and some of the associated lingo used, to help to know the games in a little more detail.http://bonusfreespins.co.uk/review/all-british-casino/


Casino Games and their associated lingo


  • Poker


  • Description

The most popular card games ever, Poker is widely played both online and offline, Poker tournaments are highly sought after by seasoned gamblers. This is a card game which consists of a 5 hand card. The player with the best hand wins and the ranking goes from lowest to highest. Variations of the game include a 5-card stud, Texas Hold’em, Razz, & Caribbean Stud, Three-card Poker and much more.


  • Lingo

Ace in the hole- One of the cards in the hole is an ace card

Ante- a forced bet

Odds- Probability of winning a hand


  • Baccarat


  • Description

This game is played with six decks and 2 players, one is you and the other is the dealer/banker. One hand is dealt to each of the players and the winner is the one who picks the hand with the highest total.


  • Lingo

Baccarat- Worst hand. The word Baccarat itself means 0. 

Carte- A French word which means requesting a fresh card from the dealer.

Face Cards- These are cards which have portraits on them like Jacks, Kings, and Queens.


  • Blackjack


  • Description

A popular card game, blackjack is played between the house and the player. it is a fairly easy game to play but extremely difficult to master. The dealer will deal out cards to himself and the player. Then they both take turns to get close to a total of 21. Every card has a value. Aces can be considered either a 1 or an 11.  Face value cards are a number 10 and number cards are taken on their face value. The aim is to reach a total of 21 without going beyond or less too. The winner is the player who reaches 21 first.


  • Lingo

Bankroll- Amount of cash you are willing to put your stakes on

Bust card- A bust card is an unlucky card dealt which makes your hands total go above 21.

Hand- Refers to the total number of cards the player or dealer is holding

Push- When both the dealer and the player have the same total


  • Roulette


  • Description

Roulette is more a game of luck than a strategy based game. This game is relaxing and allows the players to have some fun too. Players can actively interact with the dealer and are free to ask him questions. In this game, the players have to bet and then the guess which number is going to show up when a ball is thrown into a spinning wheel.


  • Lingo

Pill- Another name for the Roulette Ball

Rouge- French term for a red number

Split Bet- Betting on 2 numbers at a time.


  • Keno
  • Description

This is more of a lottery game wherein a player gets a card numbered from 1-80. Thereafter the player is asked to pick up 20 numbers randomly and a wager. This card is then registered with the dealer and the player begins to play. The caller the calls out 20 random numbers one by one and the player matches those numbers to the ones that he has picked up. The more the numbers that are matched the bigger are the winnings against the wager that has been made by him.


  • Lingo

Blank- an unused keno ticket

Deuce- 2 keno spots in a group

Free Play- A win in which you get no money but are allowed to bet again


  • Slot Machines


  • Description

 Both online and offline, slot machines attract maximum crowds. This kind of gambling seems to be appealing to most people across different age groups. Women especially seem to enjoy more when they are gambling on slot machines. You can play a number of games on slot machines. The general principle is inserting coins into the machine and pulling a handle/pressing a button. This action makes the wheels inside spin. Once the wheels stop, a particular pattern appears. Payments are then made based on the patterns that appear.


  • Lingo

Onesies- a player who plays only with a single coin for every spin that he makes

Bet max- Total number of credits that a player can bet on a single spin.

Big Hit- Hitting the jackpot combination on the slots.